Back in the day when almost everyone bought books in bookshops, booksellers (especially second-hand booksellers) were an amazing source of information. It wasn’t just that they could advise you what to read. They knew about un-advertised differences in content between one edition and the next. They understood the mechanics of publishing. They could be keen judges of book production. They were the conduit for countless snippets of information about books, garnered through conversations with suppliers, readers and collectors – and from book-trade memoirs. They had long memories.

Since the Internet came along we’ve been cut off from this fund of knowledge, which is probably shrinking. Nowadays, online customers hardly ever meet booksellers face-to-face – and where there are no conversations there can be no exchange of knowledge. The void certainly isn’t filled by online customer reviews, nor by the optimistic claims one often sees in online auctions.

This informal blog will talk about books by and related to T.E.Lawrence. I originally planned to make it part of the TEL Studies website; but to build up a set of pages covering even the basic material would take me a long time. Instead, I plan here to discuss books and ephemera as they come to mind, in no particular sequence: a pleasure not a task.

I welcome contributions which add something relevant which will be interesting to a wide range of readers. Comments will be moderated. If for some reason you can’t get past the spam trap please send comments or suggestions by email

Jeremy Wilson

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